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Hey Corey Taylor, I know what it’s like to get hate from other musicians so I feel ya…

Out of the blue, Deicide’s frontman Glen Benton attacked Corey Taylor of Slipknot for no reason. Benton attacked Taylor wondering why Taylor never helped Deicide to go on tour with Slipknot. Corey Taylor himself was quick to respond to defend himself and Slipknot. Gotta love how humble Corey is. Instead of attacking Deicide in return, Corey goes on to say that he hasn’t talked with Glen for years and he would have helped Deicide get more exposure if Benton asked but he never did.

Plus, Corey goes on to say that not everybody is gonna like you as a musician.

I loved it when Corey said this: “There are pros and cons with it, and you deal with it the best you can. At the end of the day, not everyone’s gonna like you, and you have to learn that. If you think everyone’s gonna like you, you need to get a helmet, ’cause your life’s gonna be really sad.”


Ya know, Corey is right… not everyone is gonna like you in the music world. When I first started to play my music publicly in the local music scene… I got attacked, bullied and I’ve been made fun of by other musicians in the scene. I couldn’t figure out why that happened but over the years I’ve learned that not everyone is gonna like you and you can’t please everyone, ya know?

I love Corey’s response to that as that man is a class act and that was a professional response too. You got to deal with a lot of egos and jealousy.

I’ve had big public feuds with other musicians and bands myself which should be nameless. I’m sure there are plenty of musicians who still hate me but I don’t let them get to me anymore. I just ignore them and just continue to play my music. That’s the way to be. Only care about your music and not worry about what people think of you.

I’m a huge fan of Slipknot, btw. They’re one of my favorite bands. Love all their records but I think “The Gray Chapter” was the best record in their career.


Corey Taylor of Slipknot bashes pop and he’s so right!

An unmasked Corey Taylor here explains his reasoning for hating pop music and he brings up a lot of valid points. I can understand why Gene Simmons would declare that “rock is dead” ’cause pop music is simply dominating the industry. It’s unfair for rock & metal acts. There are so many talented rock & metal acts that deserve the same mainstream exposure like Slipknot, Dream Theater, Lamb of God and many others. Many rock & metal bands struggle to get high in the Billboard charts ’cause pop & country is always dominating.

Pop & country is a dominating force these days ’cause it helps the music business make the big money. That’s pretty much it really. The industry don’t really care about rock bands anymore which is sad. Today’s country music would be considered “pop” music ’cause country music is sounding way too pop these days as well, ya know?

Pop music is really inappropriate music for young kids to listen to ’cause most of is about “sex” anyways. There’s too much sex all over pop music. Why do you think there are so many pop music videos with half naked women all over them and shaking their booty and stuff? It’s getting old.


Slipknot’s new album, “The Gray Chapter” is really incredible stuff… it’s a must listen if you love rock & metal…

Last night I finally gotten around to listening to Slipknot’s new album, “The Gray Chapter”. I listened to the whole record. It’s a long record but I was pretty much blown away by the music on it. While I love metal & hard rock… I’m not much into the downtuned guitars and screaming vocals but with Slipknot, I’ll take that stuff as an exception. It really was an amazing album. Probably the best album of this year so far.

The album has pretty impressive songwriting and great melodies. I love all the guitar sounds. The riffs and the leads will melt your faces. The studio quality of the album is pretty impressive as well.

Some of you may not see it but I’m a huge fan of metal and heavy music. I grew up listening to metal. I tried listening to Slipknot in the past before but I couldn’t get into them until now. After hearing this new album, makes me want to buy their previous albums. Love ’em or hate ’em, they are the greatest metal band in the industry today.

If pop, country and rap weren’t dominating the industry, then Slipknot would have been huge mainstream stars. They are pretty huge and successful but only in the rock & metal industry. I respect Slipknot a whole lot now. This band is really great.

I know this band isn’t for everyone. They are controversial and dark but give them a chance. You’ll actually dig this band yourself once you start listening. “The Gray Chapter” would be a good album to start off with if you’re a new fan.

I’m hardly ever that blown away by listening to albums that much but the new Slipknot album really did it to me. They just made a new fan here and I hope I get my chance to see them live in concert sometime in the future. Check this album out. It’s listenable and will blow your mind.


Slipknot, I really want to get their new album, “The Gray Chapter”…

In the past, I was never really interested in the masked and costumed metal band, Slipknot, until now. I’m very interested into getting into them. I’ve read too many interviews with the band through Guitar World magazine and the more I read about them, the more I get interested in their music. I’ve heard a few songs from their new album, “The Gray Chapter” that they just released and they really impressed the hell out of me. I think Corey Taylor and Jim Root are awesome musicians. They only have about 4 or 5 albums in their discography and I think I would want to try and get them all but I’m gonna get their new one first, though.

I know this band Slipknot is criticized for their weird masks and costumes but in the band’s defense, I think the masks and costumes are all for entertainment and for theatrical purposes. In the past, I used to be against bands who wear masks and costumes. Now I understand them. I completely understand why some bands do it. Why?

Some bands prefer to play anonymously because some of them don’t want people to know who they are. Why do some bands prefer to play music and hide their identities? Probably ’cause of the type of music they play. They write controversial lyrics in their songs and write heavy music — they probably don’t want their families and friends knowing that they play that stuff.

Another reason these bands play with masks and costumes is for entertainment and theatrical type of stuff… kind of like what Kiss and Gwar have done. You know how when you watch a play or a circus and you see people on stage wearing costumes and stuff??? Well bands wearing costumes is pretty much the same thing. Theatrical. For entertainment. They just think that bands wearing casual clothing like jeans and t-shirt is kind of boring so they want to put some excitement and thrills to their live shows.

Like I said bands wearing costumes used to bother me but not anymore. I kind of understand why they do what they do it now. I used to think they were a bunch of egotistical pricks who are out for attention but this is just their way of entertaining people. It’s their way of putting on different and creative rock concerts, ya know? Something fun.

I’ve been enjoying Slipknot more and more. Instead of bashing them and hating them, just actually listen to them. They’re really enjoyable. Looking forward to getting their new album soon. I just read an interview with Slipknot in the new Guitar World magazine with them on the cover and after reading that interview, really makes me want to get the album. I really like the band’s sound. This band really have matured and they’ve gotten better. Love their guitar sound.


RIP: Paul Gray 1972 -2010

Paul Gray, bassist for the nu-metal band, Slipknot was found dead in a Iowa motel room. His cause of death is not known at this time, but I’m willing to bet he died of what else? Drugs. If you read Paul Gray’s wikipedia, the guy has a really long history with heavy drug use which could probably explain why he died at such a young age. Pictured above is Paul masked and unmasked. Paul is mostly famous for his controversial alien like mask as you see in the picture above. Yes, most of the masks worn in Slipknot were controversial and crazy but Paul’s was most recognizable.

More on it here: