Music I’ve been listening to on Apple Music lately…

I’ve just finished listening to all Motorhead studio albums on Apple Music. Now Apple Music doesn’t have Motorhead’s entire catalog of albums. Motorhead is missing several of their albums from the Itunes store/Apple Music so I just listened to what they had on there. I fuckin’ love Motorhead, though! They play more than just heavy metal & blues. They do acoustic music and ballads too. As I listen to Motorhead’s older albums and new stuff, I’ve noticed that Lemmy’s singing voice has changed over the years.

I always wondered why Lemmy always sings with that growling voice of his. Probably part of that is because he’s a heavy smoker. He’s done drugs too, I believe but even though he doesn’t sing regularly like he used to without the growling, he’s still a great singer. I like the growling and snarly voice of Lemmy Kilmister… that’s a part of what makes Motorhead great. While I love all Motorhead albums, my favorite albums would have to be: “Ace of Spades”, “Aftershock”, “1916”, “Bomber” and “Iron Fist”. Motorhead has got a new album coming out later this month and can’t wait to hear that one as well. I’ve always wanted to get into Motorhead and finally got to. They are one of my favorite bands right now.

I’ve also listened to all 4 albums by the Runaways. Ya know that all female punk rock group with Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Lita Ford, etc. I thought those albums were great as well. I love the Runaways and all their solo projects. I love Joan Jett’s solo stuff and I love LIta Ford’s solo stuff as well.

I’m also trying to listen to the rest of the Al Di Meola’s catalog ’cause I really am into his music. Al Di Meola’s music is addicting to me so I can’t stop listening to his stuff. Last night, I listened to his album, “Winter Nights” which is of course, a Christmas album. I love Al Di Meola’s music ’cause when I want to listen to relaxing music, I’ll listen to him. I just love his guitar playing and his music is fun to listen to.

This week, I’m gonna start listening to all of Megadeth’s albums and all of Phish’s albums. Last night, I listened to Megadeth’s album “Killing Is My Business” and Phish’s first album, “Junta”.  I’m a big Megadeth and Phish fan. I’ve heard some of their albums already but not all of them. Now that Apple Music is here and free, I’ll be able to listen to the rest of ’em.

Yeah, I listen to a lot of music albums and don’t feel ashamed for it. I listen to about 3 or 4 albums a day, sometimes more. I like to listen to full albums. Listen to an album from start to finish. That’s how I listen to music and it’s the way that it should be listened to. I’m not selective of what songs to hear, I listen to the whole damn record. Listening to music to me is way better than watching TV. I’ve always have been a big music listener my whole life and always listened to albums. Music is who I am and what I do. I will never change that.

I always found it important to listen to as much music as possible.


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