Will Ronda Rousey ever fight a man someday???

Yes, I think there’s a possibility that Ronda Rousey may get her chance to fight a man inside an MMA cage. That way she can prove that she can beat up men too; however, she already beat up men in the past before.  She beat up two big men in a movie theater once.


So when Ronda says she can beat up Floyd in a no rules fight, she probably could.


I would like to see her fight a man in an MMA cage… only problem with that is, I have a feeling that her male opponent might go “easy” on her ’cause he won’t feel comfortable hurting women, ya know? That’s the problem with male vs. female fighting. There’s all kinds of problems with male vs. female whether in boxing, MMA, etc. which is why those kind of fights never happen.

Who knows? It don’t hurt to try it for the first time with Ronda, ya know? Ronda beat up big guys before so it’s nothing knew with her. When she says she can beat up anybody in a no rules fight, it sounds like she really means it.

She’s a pretty tough lady for sure. Can’t be denied.

Funny thing about Ronda is that she looks  like a normal woman. She’s good  looking and sexy. She seems down to earth too but when she fights and when she gets pissed, watch out! You should be VERY scared of her. She’s an animal Ronda is.

I’m pretty sure she can knock out a man in 30 seconds as well. I love Ronda Rousey and after her last fight with Bethe Correia makes me respect Ronda even more.

When do you think Ronda is gonna retire from UFC and caged fighting? I think Ronda is gonna keep fighting and winning until she can’t fight anymore. One of these days something will happen to her and she’ll lose the undefeated streak somehow. She won’t leave fighting until she gets injured enough. When she does retire, I can see her becoming a movie actress full time ’cause that’s probably what she’s gonna do after but we’ll wait and see, though. Ronda is still young, she’s only 28 right now. I can see her retiring when she’s 35 or something like that.

She’s gonna be in UFC for a pretty long while. Brock Lesnar didn’t last long in UFC but Ronda will last longer.


2 thoughts on “Will Ronda Rousey ever fight a man someday???”

  1. If she stepped in that cage with Floyd my bet would be firmly on her and I’d even go as far as saying she’d do him in less than 40 seconds. In a boxing match; not so much, they are two completely different worlds. Good post, just did a post of my own on Floyd and Rouseys war of words may be worth a look if your interested.

    1. If Ronda did a boxing match with Floyd Jr., I think Floyd will win that by cheating like he always does. Just run around the ring trying to avoid to get hit. He’ll do the same with Ronda but I’m sure she’ll figure out a way to knock him out easily.


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