Why haters and negative people are nothing to me…

I have two different kinds of people that follow me on the internet.

1. True fans. The ones who truly like me and enjoy what I do. I have plenty of people who do treat me positively which is amazing.

2. Haters and negative people. I never understood why if you don’t like someone they continue to follow you anyways. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Yeah, my online web presence has always got mixed reactions which is actually pretty good, in my book. If you get a lot of haters & trolls attacking you, that’s probably because they are a bunch of losers with nothing better to do. Yes, I do know I have a lot of followers who just follow me as a way to make fun of me and follow me for their own entertainment but those people are nothing to me. Yeah, there are tons of people who thinks it’s okay to come online to make fun of me and bash me whenever they want to. If they think it’s okay, I’m gonna let them know it’s not. It’s not gonna happen under my watch. When I sometimes call them out for it, they almost always play innocent victim each time… they usually cry about it and think they have every right to be doing whatever you’re doing.

The best way to handle haters and negative people is just to ignore them completely. Don’t give them any acknowledgement. Pretend they are dead to you is the best way to handle them. Yeah, haters are always gonna keep replying to you the more you ignore them but if all they’re gonna do is bash you even if you ignore them, then they are obviously obsessed with you.

I ignore haters and negative people and it’s working. That’s the best you can do, ya know?

That’s why if I ever start dating women and start getting girlfriends, I don’t think I’m gonna reveal her publicly for her protection, ya know? Not sure. I don’t need haters making fun of her too and ruining things.

I don’t mind getting haters, I just don’t respond to any of them. Anything negative, I don’t respond to. They just can’t get the hint. I’m strict on moderating comments for a very good reason. I have my own reasons for doing so. I usually don’t respond to haters unless they go way out of line about me or if they attack someone I love which doesn’t happen much.

Like they all say, “Haters are gonna hate”. I only deal with positive and joyful people… that’s how I am. Yeah, I do know that there are a lot of people who make fun of me but I don’t give a shit. Fuck ’em for all I care. They’re a bunch of losers.


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