Video: Eric July, “Why Young People Love Bernie Sanders”

Ya know, all the Bernie Sanders worship are mostly coming from young people. Mostly people in their 20’s and up. Yeah, full grown adults support Bernie Sanders too but they don’t worship him as bad as the younger folks do. The young folks worship Bernie like he’s a king or something and it’s pretty weird to me.

Why does a lot of young people love Bernie Sanders so much? It’s because Bernie is just like them just like Eric July said. I agree too. It seems that Bernie has a mind of a young kid which is sad coming from an old man.

This video is probably the best explanation of why Bernie is not to be trusted and why he wouldn’t be a good president. This guy gets it.

Ya know, I think the only reason why a lot of people support Bernie Sanders is ’cause they know that Hillary would be a bad president. If they supported Hillary then people would give ’em shit for it so they support Bernie instead. They feel that Bernie is the best Democratic candidate they can have.

If you support Bernie Sanders and want him president then you are one misinformed person. What’s even crazier is that Bernie Sanders supporters ignored his 1972 rape fantasy essay and gave him a free pass on that one. If a conservative candidate wrote that rape fantasy essay then his political career would have been over pretty quickly.

Like I said before, it’s no surprise that libtards would love a crazy old man like Bernie ’cause they always love the worst candidates. I remember when they supported Al Gore and John Kerry back in the day when they ran for president and they both lost to George W.



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