10 Reasons Playing Guitar Is Good For Your Mind and Body…

This is a great read by a Guitar World blogger that I thought it be worth sharing here. Playing guitar can be good for your mind and body. It’s pretty much the whole reason I play guitar pretty much and I agree with all these 10 reasons why playing guitar is actually good for you. Reasons playing guitar is good for you?

Well it makes you feel good playing it. Playing guitar can help relieve stress and make you happier. If you had a really bad day, you can pick up the guitar and you can immediately forget everything around you.

Playing guitar can also help make you a lot smarter. Forget going to school or colleges, you can simply learn to become smarter by picking up the guitar. Picking up the guitar can help build your brain muscles for sure.

Playing guitar can also help you attract more women. Which is true. You wanna get a girlfriend or a wife or even a casual sex partner? You don’t even need to go through all this self help dating stuff you see these days… you can pick up the ladies by one simple trick… playing the guitar!

Just play a face melting guitar solo or perform a really good song then you can get the babes. Why do you think a lot of women go to rock concerts whether national or local? I have noticed that I’ve gotten more female supporters toward my music lately which is a pretty good feeling really. I think it’s a proven fact that women love male guitar players. Women are attracted to them for whatever reason.

Check out this interesting article…



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