It’s good that Boehner resigned but what about Barack Obama, what will it take???

It’s great that calls for Boehner to resign got started and was successful at getting him to resign finally but what will it take for Barack Obama to resign? Yes, there has been plenty of calls from the American people wanting Obama to step-down but of course, he hasn’t yet. I don’t think Obama will ever step-down from office no matter how many people tell him to.

Some of you may think… there’s no reason for Obama to step-down. Bullshit… there are plenty of reasons like I’ve explained in this blog too many times. Obama has committed too many government crimes and covered his tracks on all of them, that’s why. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get to the bottom of these crimes when it shouldn’t be. Everything Obama touches, it’s always shrouded in mystery and secrets. I’m tired of it. Most transparent president my ass.

Not only that Boehner needed to go… Obama needs to go too. Plenty of other government people need to go: Biden, Susan Rice, John Kerry, Valerie Jarrett, etc. Get ’em all the hell out of there and start over again with more trusting people.

I’m hearing that John Boehner might get replaced by Kevin McCarthy who I don’t know much about but I’ll learn more about him soon… he’s probably just another Republican RINO and he’s probably gonna be much worse than Boehner, I’m sure.

First Eric Holder stepped down. Now Boehner. If only we get could get Obama and the other rats out of there too. We can get Obama to step down if only America can grow a spine and protest Washington D.C. in front of the White House. We just have to have balls and fight harder. Get off our computers and go to DC, get him out ourselves.


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