It’s easy to see that Courtney Love has got something to hide about Kurt’s death, y’all…

Courtney Love was asked to appear in the “Soaked In Bleach” movie but of course, she refused. She didn’t respond to the film makers at all up until the trailer was released and then she started sending threatening “Cease and desist” letters. Since Courtney didn’t appear in the film instead she was played by a different actress.

Like I said if Courtney is not talking and not cooperating, what is she hiding? She tried to stop the release of both Kurt Cobain murder movies “Kurt & Courtney” and “Soaked In Bleach” but of course, she failed due to first amendment rights.

If she’s trying to stop the truth from coming out and if she won’t release the sealed photos of Kurt’s body then the bitch is hiding something for sure.

Just like with all the political stuff, you gotta stop being naive and stop believing everything the media says. The media lies a lot about the entertainment and music industry as well.

The dumb bitch did indeed murdered Kurt. No question about it.


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