Watched Netflix’s “Beasts of No Nation” last night and it was a pretty amazing film… recommended watching for sure…

Why did the film “Beasts of No Nation” land on Netflix instead of the movie theaters? It did get played in some movie theaters but this film failed in the box office. It’s simply because all the material in this film is pretty controversial. The film is dark and pretty violent.

It’s a story about a young African boy named, Agu who’s father’s been killed by an African army so Agu takes matters into his own hands by joining a different kind of Army and becoming a soldier himself to avenge his father’s killing.

It’s a dark and graphic movie which is why it wasn’t shown in that many movie theaters and why it didn’t make a lot of money. Probably because this is a movie that the “Black Lives Matter” crowd can’t take ’cause this film is black on black violence, that’s why.

I thought it was a pretty amazing film and I predict it’s gonna get some Oscar nominations. Could the Oscars nominate a Netflix movie for the first time? It could happen.

The movie was well-filmed and well acted. Story was good too. It’s definitely one of the better war films I’ve seen in a while.

I thought Idris Elba did a good job in that movie too ’cause he played a good role in it. He could also get an Oscar nomination for that role.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber like myself, I’d suggest you give this film a look. Definitely check it out.


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