Delusional Washington Post says Benghazi investigation will be gone after Hillary testimony…

If you think that Hillary’s testimony on Benghazi this Thursday will will be the “end” of the “scandal”, then you’re so wrong.

The reason that a lot of people think’s Trey’s investigation is all about bringing Hillary down is ’cause nobody knows all the facts yet. Trey also says that Hillary isn’t the only important witness and he has many more witnesses to interview. Watch the man says so himself in the video below.

If you think Hillary is gonna find a way to end the “scandal” at this Thursday’s hearing then think again. Like I said… Trey’s a pretty serious guy and he’s the man of his word. Hillary will not destroy the investigation, Trey will destroy her this coming Thursday.

Just because she’s gonna get interviewed by Trey this Thursday doesn’t mean it will be the end of the investigation. There’s a lot more work that needs to be done.

Hillary can try to end it all she pleases but it’s not gonna work. Trey is a pretty tough guy. Have you ever seen him testifying with other people in Congress? Seriously,  youtube him. The guy doesn’t give a shit. This is a guy who’s not afraid to get angry and raise his voice if he needs to… he’s a pitbull for sure.


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