Is Paul Stanley of Kiss a closeted homosexual? The man himself claims he isn’t gay…

Gay rumours of Paul Stanley is nothing new. He has dealt with gay rumors for many years so I’m sure he’s used to it and he shrugs it off every time. I’ve just finished reading Peter Criss’s book, “Makeup to Breakup” and even Peter suspects that Paul maybe gay and hiding in the closet.

Why would people accuse Paul of being gay? Well, look at him. Whether or not Paul wears KISS makeup, he still looks like a woman either way. He walks around like a woman and even talks like one. He also has no problem wearing women’s clothes. Paul has always been a pretty feminine guy.

Just because Paul is married and has children doesn’t prove anything. It’s possible that gay men can get married to a woman, raise children so that would be a way to cover up his homosexuality. It is possible that Paul might be bi-sexual, though.

Last thing you wanna do is believe what this man says. After reading Peter Criss’s book, I came to a realization that Paul isn’t to be trusted at all.


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