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Is Paul Stanley of Kiss a closeted homosexual? The man himself claims he isn’t gay…

Gay rumours of Paul Stanley is nothing new. He has dealt with gay rumors for many years so I’m sure he’s used to it and he shrugs it off every time. I’ve just finished reading Peter Criss’s book, “Makeup to Breakup” and even Peter suspects that Paul maybe gay and hiding in the closet.

Why would people accuse Paul of being gay? Well, look at him. Whether or not Paul wears KISS makeup, he still looks like a woman either way. He walks around like a woman and even talks like one. He also has no problem wearing women’s clothes. Paul has always been a pretty feminine guy.


Just because Paul is married and has children doesn’t prove anything. It’s possible that gay men can get married to a woman, raise children so that would be a way to cover up his homosexuality. It is possible that Paul might be bi-sexual, though.

Last thing you wanna do is believe what this man says. After reading Peter Criss’s book, I came to a realization that Paul isn’t to be trusted at all.


Video: Watch this classic interview with Kiss on Tom Snyder…

Here’s an old interview with Kiss on Tom Snyder back in 1979. It’s a must watch ’cause it’s a classic for sure. It’s hilarious and this video will make you smile and laugh.

Everybody knows that Ace Frehley has always been a shy and quiet guy. Ace has always kept to himself. However Ace was a totally different person in this interview. Ace was doing most of the talking and laughing his ass off throughout most of it. Ace was joking around and acting like a comedian. Ace was obviously really drunk ’cause you can tell that he is. Peter Criss was joking around and laughing along with Ace while Gene and Paul both are looking bored to death. I think Gene and Paul were just mad that Peter and Ace was getting most of the spotlight during this interview. This interview is comedy gold. It had me laughing for sure. It even had Tom Snyder crackin’ up as you can see. Watch this whole interview yourself from start to finish. It’s classic stuff. Gene is getting pissed ’cause he kept getting interrupted by Ace’s laughing.

Thanks to Peter Criss’s book, “Makeup To Breakup: My Life In and Out of Kiss” which introduced me to this interview so I had to check it out for myself. I’ve started reading this book last week and halfway through it. It’s a pretty long book so it’s gonna take me a while to finish. Great book so far, though. I think it’s the best Kiss book out of all the ones I’ve read. I’ll give this book a full review after I finish it.

Watch this interview if you want some entertainment. Funny stuff.


Paul Stanley’s book, “Face the Music: A Life Exposed”… probably the most honest rock memoir I’ve read…

I’ve finished reading Paul Stanley’s book, “Face the Music: A Life Exposed” and wow. I think it’s definitely the best rock memoir I’ve read. I’ve read a lot of memoirs by other rock stars over the years but Paul Stanley’s book is the best of them all, in my opinion. I used to think of Kiss as a bunch of egomaniacs and arrogant guys but now I have huge respect for them. Gene Simmons maybe a bit egomaniacal and arrogant yes but Paul Stanley, no. To me, Paul seems very real, intelligent and down to earth.

I was glad to read Paul’s take on the whole Kiss feud with the original members. Paul told some pretty interesting and funny stories in this book. It’s a long read but a good book. A must read for any Kiss fan or if you’re a newbie, read it anyway.


This was a pretty ballsy book of him to write too. In the past, I wasn’t that much of a fan of Kiss but now I’m pretty much a die-hard. I heard all of their albums on Apple Music and now trying to read all their books to get their side of the story on their feuds.

I like to read a lot of rock memoirs ’cause I like learning about the rock n’ roll lifestyle… see what it’s like to live that kind of life. Would I ever become a rock star? Not sure. It’s kind of late for me to get there now ’cause I’m heading in my 40’s but I just do music for fun. I don’t care whether I get signed or become big or not. The rock n’ roll lifestyle is interesting to learn about, anyways.


It’s Dee Snider vs. Paul Stanley, two rock icons in a heated feud…

This feud is getting entertaining. Call each other “buffoons”???


Honestly, which musician here has the bigger ego? Dee Snider obviously. Both of these guys are very talented and amazing but come on. When was the last fucking time Twisted Sister made a hit record? I think “Stay Hungry” was the only hit record they did. Yes, Kiss may have continued on without Ace and Peter but KISS continues to sell a lot of records even without them. KISS also continues to sell out shows. Twisted Sister went back to playing the smaller clubs while KISS continues to play huge arenas everywhere. KISS are also rock n’ roll hall of famers now. So who is more successful? KISS obviously.

So if I have to ask Dee Snider, jealous much, dude?

While some may find this surprising that you will see two adults acting like children this is nothing new in the rock & metal world. A lot of big egos.