Steve Vai’s “Bo” guitar found and returned…

Earlier this week, the iconic shred guitarist Steve Vai had one of his famous guitars stolen at a benefit concert in Los Angeles. The guitar’s name is “Bo” which is a mirrored guitar and the fretboard has blue lights on it.

Well, the guitar disappeared from outside the venue and Steve tries to get it back by using the power of social networking.

Well look like the power of social networking worked ’cause Steve got the “Bo” guitar back.

The guitar was found inside the bushes at the gates of Steve’s home. Nobody has any idea of how it got there but my guess is that the thief or thieves who took it, felt bad for taking it and returned it to him. They felt guilty about it probably and realized it was a bad idea to take one of Steve’s special guitars.

I believe the “Bo” guitar is one of Steve’s customs guitars, a guitar that he probably designed himself. It’s a special guitar so it is probably pretty important for him.

Glad he got it back. Bands getting their gear stolen whether local or famous has been happening more and more. Well, that’s what they get when they have loads and loads of expensive musical gear and they probably leave that stuff unattended… that’ll do nothing but attract thieves. This is why bands shouldn’t show off what gear they use for their live shows.


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