Liberals finally waking up on the Democrat party now that this happened???

Maybe liberals aren’t one-sided people after all ’cause it seems they have turned their back on the Democrat party after this happened.

I’m not a Bernie Sanders fan at all but I do agree that this is unfair for him and I always knew that the DNC are all about Hillary Clinton. The DNC didn’t have to suspend his campaign at all.  They did it to protect Hillary obviously. Hillary is trying to find a way to take Bernie out of the election. She’s obviously scared of him ’cause he’s doing well in the polls and he’s getting all of this popularity.

It’s nice to see that a lot of liberals hate Hillary ’cause I’m seeing a lot of them trash talking her like crazy which is cool to see, really.

Still though, there are still some dumb liberals that support Hillary and thinks she would be a great president but most liberals hating on Hillary is a good start, though.

If we can unite, stop all the political correctness bullshit… us and the liberals can defeat Hillary together. Think about it, right?


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