Video: Watch Michael C. Hall perform a cover of David Bowie’s new song, “Lazarus” on Stephen Colbert…

So Dexter sings too, huh? Well, I didn’t know that. I knew Michael C. Hall is just an actor but I guess he’s more than just that. He’s got musical talent too, I see.

I thought Michael did a killer job and he sings really good too.

So why did Michael sing this song instead of Bowie the man himself?

The reason Michael sang this song is ’cause he is about to perform in an off-Broadway musical that will be directed by David Bowie in NYC.

They also did this as a way to help promote the new David Bowie album, “Blackstar”.

Michael is not just a TV actor, he is also a theater actor too so I’m sure he played in some musicals in the past before, though.

Michael’s a great singer too and I think he should make an album of his own sometime.



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