Critics are still hailing “Mad Max: Fury Road” as the best film of 2015… really???

I just re-watched “Mad Max: Fury Road” on BluRay for the second time to see if I can have a change of heart with the movie but unfortunately, my opinion still stands. “Mad Max: Fury Road” is not that great of a movie like everyone says it is. Some of the action scenes were fun but that’s all it is to me… an action movie. I think the main reason why I didn’t like it too much is ’cause of that lame storyline with the pregnant women in the movie. I also never cared for the villain, Immortan Joe which is a pretty dumb villain, in my opinion. Plus the film had a bit too much CGI and I still don’t like Tom Hardy as Mad Max. If Mel Gibson was still in it then the film would have definitely been more watchable. The script for “Fury Road” was horrible as well.

I wouldn’t say “Mad Max: Fury Road” is one of best films in 2015 ’cause it isn’t. I also wouldn’t be surprised that the film would win for Best Picture for the Oscars and it’s probably gonna end up winning Best Picture as well.

As for my choice for Best Film of the year in 2015??? Well, you’re gonna have to wait for my “Top 15 Best Movies” video for that which is coming soon!


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