Just bought a new acoustic guitar today…




Well earlier today I went to a guitar shop in Clifton Park… a music store called, “Parkway Music”. The 1st pic above is me trying out different acoustics in Parkway. Then I found the one I am pretty happy with which I bought the guitar that’s in the bottom two pics. The guitar that I took home was a Fender acoustic/electric that costed me about $260. The guitar has volume controls on it and an onboard tuner as well.

After I took home my new Fender acoustic/electric, I decided to try playing both my new Fender and my Ibanez to hear the differences between sounds. Yes, I am noticing a big difference. Both acoustics do sound totally different. Which acoustic guitar do I love more? Definitely the new Fender. The sound on the Fender is bigger which is what I was looking for.

Now that I got a new Fender acoustic, I could make that internet album with. Having two acoustics now can be pretty useful ’cause I can start experimenting with alternate tunings which is what I’m gonna do.



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