My next goal is to buy a new electric guitar…

While I was at Parkway music today while waiting to check out, I decided to browse around the electric guitar section in that store. Man, there are some pretty nice electrics in there too! I’m sure I can buy a nice electric between the $300 – $500 price range. What kind of electric would I want to get? Well I want to get a solid body electric guitar with a whammy bar.

I already have an electric guitar but that one is a full hollow body. I want to get a solid body too.

Yeah, so I’m starting a guitar collection which is good to have. It’s good to have different kind of guitars ’cause they all sound different, ya know? I might start saving for a new electric guitar maybe sometime this summer. I really love buying new musicians equipment and gear when I can.

I love electric guitars too and I wanna focus on rock music at some point. I think after I complete this internet-acoustic album, I’ll start making plans for a full-band electric rock album. I’ve always wanted to do an electric rock album with a real band and all that stuff. Someday I’ll make that happen for reals.



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