Taking my guitar playing to the next level…

I really am trying to become the best guitar player I can be. Trying to get better and improve. One way to improve your guitar playing is learn new things you haven’t played before and I’m trying to do just that. I would like to learn more guitar techniques that I haven’t learned yet like the 2 handed fret-tapping that Eddie Van Halen is known for. I want to learn that technique and I’m trying. I’m also trying to get into slide guitar ’cause I have a glass slide. I’m a huge fan of slide guitar and want to do more of that myself so I can make my lead guitar playing sound even more interesting. I’m a big fan of the Allman Brothers and it was them who inspired me to start learning how to play slide guitar. I also want to learn sweep-picking. I also gotta learn legato technique and I want to do more string skipping stuff too. Another technique I want to learn is whammy bar stuff but I don’t have an electric guitar with a whammy yet but I plan on buying one this year. I want to get a guitar with a whammy bar so I can do “dive bombs” and things like that.

I also still need to improve my ear training and improvisation skills… that stuff is getting better too. I’m starting to get the idea of what most notes sound like. I want to be that type of guitar player who is able to play anything and everything. I’m getting there too.

It really does take years to get great at the guitar. If you want to become great, it won’t happen over night. It takes patience and dedication to become a great guitar player. You can’t give it up and you have to keep at it. There are too many guitar players out there who are so lazy at practicing and learning new things. I’m not. I’m pretty dedicated on trying to become a good guitar player. I’m doing all I can. Just taking my time and not getting too ahead of myself. I play guitar everyday and play for hours. Guitar playing is pretty much all I do.


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