People who hate Trump just don’t have the guts to see the truth… cowards… ALL OF THEM!

Trump haters are the biggest cowards and chickenshits I’ve ever seen ’cause why? It’s simply because many of them refuse to see the truth. Trump haters really are the most hateful pieces of shits I’ve ever seen too and I don’t feel any regrets saying that. I really do mean every word I say by heart. Trump haters really are vile people and they think can get away with the Trump hating as well.

I won’t stay silent on my support for Trump. I can show my support for Trump all day and everyday. I don’t care how mad they get. If you want Mr. Trump to win, you gotta fight for him too. He wants to fight for America, you gotta fight for him. So if you’re a Trump supporter, you shouldn’t support him quietly. I know there are many out there who are supporting Trump quietly ’cause they don’t want to get into trouble if they do speak out. Well I’m not afraid to voice out my support for Trump and I’m not stopping. This is my way of helping to fight for Trump. I will do all I can to protect him and defend him as well.

When those ignorant Trump haters say untrue stuff about him, I’ll have no problem correcting them and calling them out for their bullshit. When they know they are wrong about what they say about Trump, they usually do get pissed off. When they do get pissed off, it means they just lost the argument and they know it too. When you see someone hating on Trump then chances are they must be a Bernie Sanders supporter or a Ted Cruz supporter which is pathetic, in my opinion.

When you hate Trump then it means that you’re an uneducated and misinformed loser. An ignorant individual who refuses to see what’s really going on in America. Many of them refuse to admit the truth on illegal immigrants on how most of them are criminals, rapists and drug dealers. They refuse to admit the truth on radical Islam and they refuse to admit that America has gotten destroyed by Barack Obama. If you hate Trump then you’re lazy to do your research, you only rely on the media for your information.

People think that women, Mexicans, blacks and Muslims all hate Trump when the reality is that Trump has won support from all of them. You know it too.

People also don’t like me bashing Bernie supporters. They constantly tell me to tone it down all the time but the funny thing is they bash Trump supporters everyday on their facebook walls and they tell me to tone it down? They get mad at me for supporting Trump all the time but I can’t get mad at them for supporting their precious Bernie Sanders? When I call them out for supporting Bernie Sanders, they’ll cry out “freedom of speech” or “we should vote for who we want, this is America”.

Those Trump haters call Trump supporters dumb and uneducated, clueless and all that stuff but that’s hilarious coming from people who voted for Obama twice. They were also people who once supported Hillary Clinton in the past but they didn’t start hating on her until Bernie Sanders said something about Hillary.

The media is making it okay for them to bash Trump supporters, that’s why they think they can get away with it. Trump haters really are big hypocrites, it’s really funny. They accuse us of being hateful by supporting Trump’s “hateful” politics but liberals can be just as hateful with their politics. Bunch of dumbasses.

If you’re a Trump supporter, don’t continue to be silenced by the pc crowd. Voice out your support for Trump ’cause that’s how we fight for him. Speak loud and proud. I’m staying loyal to the guy. I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. Trump 2016. Make America Great Again!


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