Hulk Hogan racist rant tape leaks to the public, I think it proves the racist that he is…

When the news of Hulk Hogan’s racist rant got out that was part of his sex tape, a lot of people defended Hulk. Saying stuff like: Hulk was in a bad time, he wasn’t in the mood, people make mistakes, people say wrong thing sometimes, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah…

Nobody could tell whether Hogan meant what he said ’cause nobody heard the tape… well now the tape can be heard for the whole world to hear ’cause it’s been leaked to the public.

I listened to the racist rant myself but does Hulk sound like he’s in a bad mood and hurt? From the sounds of things, no he doesn’t. To me, he seems very calm, confident and knew exactly what he was saying. In the audio, he seems to be in a good mood to me. He sounds like a regular guy in a conversation with somebody.

Hulk Hogan’s Racist Rant: Calls Daughter’s Boyfriend A ‘F****** N*****’ — Listen

Whether you’re in a bad way in your life or not, it’s never cool to say racist things. Hogan’s fans are trying to get WWE to reinstate him back into the company but I hope the WWE does the smart thing and keep him out. In Hulk’s delusional mind, just because he won a stupid lawsuit, he’s gonna get back into WWE. I don’t think they plan on bringing him back at all so keep dreamin’.


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