Keeping my focus on guitar playing more than anything…

This blog has been slowing down as of late ’cause I’ve been keeping my focus on playing guitar. Honestly, I’ve been getting kind of bored of blogging lately and sort of not interested in blogging anymore. Lately I’ve been only posting things that I think that are worth it. I thought about giving up blogging for good and just concentrate on the music full time, sure. Not sure if I’ll do that yet, though.

I’ve been keeping my focus on trying to become a better guitar player. Working on my lead guitar playing and still trying to improve my rhythm chops. Still studying music theory and things like that. One thing I’m also trying to keep my focus on is trying to work on my “perfect pitch”… ya know, ear training stuff. I want to be an improviser and jammer kind of guitar player. Doing all I can to get there.

While I’m at it, I”m also trying to learn new covers and will start writing new originals soon. I really need to get a new batch of songs together ’cause I’m thinking about starting to play live gigs again. I miss performing on the stage and I want to get back into that hopefully soon.

I also want to buy a new electric guitar pretty soon. I love my Ibanez Artcore Full Hollow body electric but that guitar is pretty big and kind of heavy. I want to get a smaller solid body electric guitar that is kind of light weight. I’m sure I can find a small electric guitar for a couple of hundred and I will. I want to buy an electric guitar with a whammy bar. I want to experiment whammy techniques.

I’ve been totally focused on guitar playing and music lately which feels good. Trying to take my guitar playing to the next level. I’m not necessarily trying to become the next guitar god or anything but I am trying to improve myself and get better, though. Just trying to beef up my guitar chops some.



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