I know many are hoping for a “contested convention” but it’s not gonna happen, Trump will get the 1237…

All the Trump haters keep thinking that nobody on the GOP side will get the 1237 needed to lock the nomination. They’re all expecting a “contested/brokered” convention will happen just so the GOP can block Trump the nomination. Not gonna happen, y’all. Trump will avoid the “contested” convention with no problem. Trump is at 994 delegates and all he needs left is 243. There’s only 10 states left in the primaries so Trump still has enough delegates to get in order to get to the 1237 which should be no problem for him. Trump is gonna take Indiana this coming Tuesday and will take the rest of the states easily. He will win it all with a landslide.

Deal with it, haters. Trump is gonna be the GOP nominee. When that happens, I can’t wait to see the reaction of all the Trump haters. They’re gonna go mad in social networking for sure and I can’t wait. Get the popcorn ready.

I seriously believe that those who hate Mr. Trump has been brainwashed by liberal media. They’re just misinformed, braindead and ignorant people… nothing more. Us Trump supporters support Trump ’cause we are tired of DC corruption and the political correctness that goes on in America. Liberals want to act like Trump is wrong on everything. What’s messed up about all of this is that liberals don’t agree with Trump that the US economy is destroyed yet they go to Bernie for a better economy. Proof that liberals are nothing but one-sided losers.

Trump is just about there… he’s about to get the 1237 pretty soon and many still want to believe that Trump is gonna lose. It’s pretty sad that nobody will admit that Trump is gonna win. He’s not just going to win the nomination, he will also win the whole election itself ’cause like I said before… beating Hillary will be easy for Trump.

I know it’s harsh that Trump gets all of this hatred and negativity but that’s okay ’cause all that’s doing is helping him win anyways. Getting haters is not always a bad thing. They can actually be helpful. Controversy is sometimes good.

Trump is gonna be the next president, y’all. The rest of the candidates got no chance.


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