The adoptive mother of Jaliek Rainwalker blogs/tweets about parenting while still having a missing kid… #JusticeForJaliek

The local news media and the Greenwich police may have stopped caring to find answers about what happened to the disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalker but I haven’t. I haven’t forgotten about Jaliek and I’ve been following the case ever since it happened.

I’ve recently discovered that the adoptive mother of Jaliek, Jocelyn McDonald has her own social networking pages and she has her own blog on wordpress called, “Macroparent” where she blogs about parenting.

She and her husband claims to be doing everything they can to help find Jaliek themselves but does it looks like she’s doing that with the links above? No, not from what I see. You don’t see her writing any blog posts about trying to find Jaliek at all and she’s trying to act like Jaliek doesn’t even exist.

Jaliek’s adoptive parents are interviewed in the video below. It seems they are trying to get us to forget about Jaliek and it seems they’re pretending that he never existed.

I think it’s pretty obvious that this couple is hiding something and they aren’t talking. My question is what gives this woman the right to blog about parenting while she still has a missing kid? Does she thinks it’s okay to move forward and forget about him? They moved from Greenwich to Vermont and I think they did that so they can avoid the local news media and the Greenwich police. She has a missing kid and she’s online lecturing people about parenting. That’s pretty messed up.

There’s no doubt that this trashy couple is hiding something. They moved out of town and I think they did that to flee from the police like a couple of cowards.


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