Why I would like Hillary to be the Democrat nominee, I want to see Trump humiliate her on TV…

It is now coming to a point that Hillary Clinton may or may not be the Democratic nominee for the General Election in Nov. Why? Simply because Hillary’s popularity is finally tanking. Her popularity is falling lower than the Donald. The Donald is getting more popular than her now. I’m not sure if Hillary would be the Democrat nominee or not but I would like her to be. As much as I despise Hillary like most people, I want her to be the Democrat nominee so I can have some fun watching the Donald humiliate her on national TV. When Hillary and Donald debate each other face to face in the General Election, you know it’s gonna be very entertaining for sure. So be sure to get your popcorn ready if she does become the Democrat nominee. I want to see Trump rip her to pieces and destroy her where millions are watching at home.

Will the Democrat nominee end up being Hillary? Who knows. You just never know who the Democrat nominee may be ’cause Hillary may wind up in jail or may have to drop out. I’ve been hearing talk that Joe Biden is gonna try to steal the Democrat nominee at the Democrat Contested Convention if there is going to be one. So the Democrat nominee could end up being Joe Biden instead of Hillary and Bernie.

Yeah, Hillary will probably end up being the Democrat nominee. If she’s gonna be hope she’s ready to debate Trump ’cause I don’t think she has what it takes to handle a guy like him at all. Trump already destroyed Hillary on Sean Hannity this week over Bill’s rape stuff so Trump is just getting started on her. Hillary may not make it to the Democrat nomination ’cause Trump could end up taking her out of the race just like he did to the 16 other GOP candidates.

I think the NeverTrump crowd will never admit that they are in trouble Nov. 8th. They know that Trump is gonna be the next one and they’ll never admit it.



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