What’s with all these lame TV show reboots?

There’s a lot of TV show reboots coming to the small screen with shows like “24: Legacy”, “Lethal Weapon”, “MacGyver”, “Training Day”, etc. I’m sure there’s plenty more coming your way too. I saw the trailers for “24: Legacy” and “MacGyver” and I wasn’t that crazy about either of them. They both look horrible and I’m sure all the other shows will be horrible too. What is it with these TV show reboots all of a sudden? Does Hollywood honestly think we’ll be interested in seeing all of these?

I think it’s a proven fact that people in America are getting pretty fed up with remakes and reboots. We don’t care about those but Hollywood keeps coming out with them. I think it’s because they don’t care what we like as long as it makes them the money, ya know? I’m starting to get tired of all these remakes and reboots myself.

What movie fans wanna see is something original and different. Hollywood can never come up with something original or different… the new movies and TV shows that comes out, they always gotta be remakes and reboots. I too am starting to believe that Hollywood can’t come up with anything new and original these days. It’s just sad.

I maybe a huge movie buff and all but I don’t like where the industry is going these days myself. Too many reboots, remakes, sequels and too many superhero films. What happened to originality? I believe the only reason Hollywood doesn’t make anything “original” is simply because it doesn’t make them the money. Remakes and reboots helps make them the money and helps Hollywood survive. They would do whatever keeps them in business. Period.


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