Actually liberals believe they don’t think it’s fair to blame child’s mother for killing of Gorilla… really???

I just wanted to make a little correction here. I’m just trying to figure out both sides of the arguments about this whether on the left or on the right. As usual, there’s always opposites of opinions between the right and the left about certain things. I think I just figured out both viewpoints.

While both sides of the spectrum are grieving over Harambe’s death there are still differences of opinion both sides:

Liberals: While the left feels it was wrong for the Cincinnati Zoo to kill Harambe, they believe it’s not fair for people to blame the parents. They don’t think it’s fair for people criticizing the parents for not watching their kid. They just want to blame the Zoo for this.

Conservatives: While the right feels it was wrong for the Zoo to kill Harambe, they believe it was the parents fault for not watching him

Which viewpoint am I siding with? Neither one, honestly. I’m still siding with the Zoo and standing by my opinion that the Zoo did the best thing. Even Donald Trump agrees that the Zoo had no other choice.

Read the facebook posting written by an employee who works at the Cincinnati Zoo. A lot of people want to see Harambe as this cute and harmless Gorilla who was protective of that child but that’s not what Amanda thinks. She doesn’t think Harambe was protecting the child at all and that’s kind of what I said before.

After thinking about it a while, I now believe that blaming either the zoo or the parents is kind of silly. I wouldn’t point fingers either.

I gotta say, though that I find it silly that liberals say we shouldn’t judge parents ’cause of their parenting skills. Really? Once again, liberals live in a delusional world like everyone is so wonderful and lovable. There are some pretty bad parents out there, don’t kid yourselves. There’s a lot of couples out there who are horrible and irresponsible at parenting. I’m sick of people acting like all parents are so great when it’s not always true.



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