Bernie fans, they will never admit that they encourage rioting at Trump rallies…

In my facebook page, I posted about the protesters that tried to rush Bernie Sanders onstage in Oakland… I was saying how it was payback for Bernie and his supporters for rioting Trump rallies. In that facebook post I made, I was trying to make a simple point to Bernie fans on how it feels to get their rallies invaded. Sure enough, it sparked a huge debate and pissed off a few Bernie fans. Predictably, they defend Bernie like they always do. It seems they only care for Bernie’s safety and they don’t care for the safety of Donald Trump and his supporters at all. Isn’t that messed up?

I could have sworn that I’ve seen Bernie fans praising the rioters on my facebook page in the past before and I’ve seen them praising the rioters on their own facebook walls too. I call them out for encouraging Bernie supporters to riot at Trump rallies and they get all defensive. On my FB page, I’ve been posting so much evidence of Bernie supporters rioting Trump rallies… ya know: flag burning, jumping on police cars, Bernie fans beating up Trump supporters, throwing things, etc. I can go on and on. I posted so much proof of all that and Bernie fans brushed it all off and pretended that stuff never happened. It’s interesting how Bernie fans like to play innocent victim over this. They do know about Bernie fans rioting at Trump rallies, they just lie to me just to make themselves look good.

Bernie pays his supporters to riot at Trump rallies and now they don’t like it when Trump supporters invade theirs? That’s the point I was trying to make. I was calling out their hypocrisy. They kept defending Bernie which is idiotic.

Bernie fans are one-sided losers and they continue to be a bunch of lunatics. I guess I proved my point that they only care about their precious Bernie. They don’t care about you if you’re against Bernie… they would do anything to protect him. The only thing they care about is Bernie winning the election. They would do anything to make Bernie look good even if it means lying to you.

I couldn’t believe that they lied to me about the rioting at the Trump rallies. They claimed Bernie fans don’t do that stuff… ya know, invading Trump rallies. They want to deny the rioting after all the video proof I posted on my facebook page???

I had to delete the facebook debate about the Oakland protesters rushing the stage ’cause it was getting too heated. All those Bernie lovers were gonna do is attack me and defend Bernie. I think I proved my point that they only side with their candidate and it’s disgusting. Bernie fans are a bunch of whackos for sure.

They know about the rioting at the Trump rallies and they want to pretend they don’t which is crazy. They are such liars and hypocrites for sure. It’s amazing how defensive they get when they’re called out about the rioting and violence. Even if some Bernie fans were never a part of the rioting, they do encourage it. If you try to get them to admit it, they won’t.

I know Bernie sent a lot of his supporters to invade Trump rallies ’cause I’ve been to a Trump rally myself and there were a lot of them. If Bernie left Trump and his supporters alone then maybe those people wouldn’t have rushed the stage at Bernie in Oakland. The more Bernie invades Trump rallies, the more Bernie will get invaded by Trump supporters. Bernie fans had it coming in Oakland anyway. Fuck ’em.



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