Doing all I can to become an actual singer… I just love singing so much…

Sometimes I’ll get asked this question… will I ever compete in those singing TV reality shows like in “The Voice”, “America’s Got Talent”, etc? I’ve got asked those questions before. While I’m very flattered that some would like to see me on those shows, I don’t think it’ll ever happen. I’ll probably avoid those singing shows like the plague. I don’t think I’ll ever be like Sawyer Fredericks even though I respect the hell out of him.

I just sing for fun, ya know. I don’t really want a huge career out of music ’cause that’s not what I really do it for. I sing ’cause it’s what I love to do. I love singing and I really want to get better. I feel I’m an okay singer now but still got plenty of work to do. I still got a long way to go. I feel like I came a long way. I feel grateful that people give me so much positive feedback on my singing each time I put up a singing video. I’ll never forget the days when people used to trash the hell out of my singing. These days, I don’t see people saying anything negative about my singing which feels great.

Even though I’m gonna avoid TV reality shows and singing competitions of any kind, I do plan on wanting to perform live again ’cause I miss it. I would like to hopefully get my own band going too.

I do feel more head voice, more range and more power in my singing which is what you want. Not bad for someone who is a self-taught singer and doesn’t work with a vocal-coach. I just love to sing for fun, ya know? Becoming a big star is not really my thing. I’ve been having a lot of people complimenting me on my singing which feels good. I still have a lot of work to do in singing ’cause I’m trying to learn to sing the high notes and even learn how to scream as well.

Singing is fun… I just love the feeling. I can see why so many singers love what they do.

How do you become a better singer? Singing exercises is pretty much key. You know how when you sing up and down those scales? That’s how you improve your voice. Anyone can learn to sing better. I would like to have a really strong singing voice and trying all I can. Also singing to your favorite songs is a good practice tool as well. I sing ’cause it feels real good to do. Love the feeling.

I’m glad that people love my covers. I’m gonna get back into writing originals again this summer. I’ve been messing around with new song ideas.



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