Thoughts on Hillary telling Trump to delete his account…

Gotta love it! This is Hillary’s response to Donald after Donald told her that a Hillary presidency would be Obama for another 4 years. Apparently that struck a nerve with Hillary and she responded with a “Delete Your Account”.

Donald’s response to that is pretty epic…

After Hillary telling Donald to delete his account just shows that she’s totally guilty with her deleted e-mails and hiding her server. Her “delete your account” tweet just shows she’s scared to death of Trump. It also shows she’s not presidential material.

She knows she’s in trouble with Donald and she wants Donald’s twitter account off the internet she so he can stop telling the truth about her.

This bitch doesn’t have the balls to take any criticism of any kind. I think she refused to debate Bernie a few times and wanted him to “tone down”. Now she wants Donald to remove his twitter account. Shows even more that she doesn’t have what it takes to debate. If she can’t take any criticism then why run for president? Hillary is no queen and she obviously thinks she is. She thinks she’s untouchable. She’s gonna get destroyed in the General Election later this year.



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