I know I haven’t been posting on the blog much but I’ll try to post more…

I’ve been more busy in life. That’s pretty much why the blog has been slowing down some. I’ve got part-time work now so that explains some of it. I’ve also got a new PS4 system which I’ve been playing a lot of that.

I’ll try to post a lot more on the blog this week. Why has my blog slowed down? Pretty much, not much to say really. Not much on my mind lately. I only post on the blog when I have something to say. Something worth it.

I’ll try to post more tomorrow ’cause I got a lot to say about the election and Donald Trump. Mr. Trump finally did something that I disagree with for once which was endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain and I’ll rant about that in another post. Maybe I’ll write about it tonight or tomorrow.

Truth is, I’ve been losing interest in blogging. I’ve been writing most of my thoughts on facebook & twitter ’cause the audience is bigger but I’ll try to blog here more.



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