I predicted Hillary had health issues a long time ago…


If you look at my older blog posts a couple of years back for example this post here…


… I predicted that Hillary is hiding health problems a long time ago.

It looks like her health problems is getting worse ’cause she’s always coughing during her speeches, clearing her throat, she can barely stand on stage, always drinking water, etc.

What is wrong with Hillary?

Is she at the beginning stages of cancer maybe? She might also be at the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s. Take your pick. She’s showing signs of all three of those.

Let me get this straight, Hillary is having all kinds of health issues and they want to make her president? Wow. That’s fucked up. My guess is that Democrats and the liberal media are dying for their first woman president and they want the first woman president to be Hillary. They want to make Hillary president, they don’t care if she’s mentally or physically unfit or not. Sure enough, the media doesn’t want to be realistic about her health issues. You don’t see the media reporting about it.

If Hillary is elected in Nov. somehow, she won’t even last four years ’cause of health issues. She’ll get even worse or even die on us. Do you really want that?

This is why Hillary is never gonna be president. Not gonna happen. To be president, you must be in good health and be physically fit in order to take the job and Hillary doesn’t have that.

It’s hard to believe that the Nov. elections is just a couple of months away. Donald Trump will win the election easily. Hillary will not win, that’s for sure. If you think Hillary will be a better president than Donald then you’re one delusional idiot.



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