If liberal bias isn’t real then why…

Honest journalism is dead, collage

… are conservatives always in trouble for speaking their minds? Why do conservatives like me always get so much flak each time we have an opposing view than the liberals? Why is it that liberals can’t agree with us on anything? They always have to have an opposite opinion. That’s why it always seem to me that liberals only listen to what the media tells them. Liberals really do believe that what the mainstream media reports is how we look at the world but we don’t. Liberals really do believe what the media reports is true and factual. Liberals did their best to shut us down of “free speech” when they disagree.

When we disagree with liberals on gay marriage… they get outraged.

When we disagree with liberals on abortion… they get outraged.

When we disagree with liberals that they think blacks were killed for no reason by cops or people who aren’t cops who had the right to defend themselves… they get outraged.

When we disagree with liberals about their transgenders bathroom rights… they get outraged.

On and on and on and on and on… I think you get where I’m going with this, right?

Liberals have destroyed people with “right-wing” beliefs. We live in a world where “liberalism” are the good guys and “conservatives” are the bad guys. I totally blame the mainstream media for that. The mainstream media have destroyed right-wing celebrities just for speaking their minds like Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh and others. It’s just crazy, man.

This tweet is so right…

The way Donald Trump is being treated by the media was the same way how Sarah Palin was treated. They tried to destroy Rush Limbaugh as well.

What kind of world are we going to live in where the media makes “liberalism” look good and “conservatism” look bad? This is not good for the country and for the world too. Did you know that this “right vs. left” thing is fake? It’s not real, guys. Politics really isn’t a “black and white” world but the media is trying to let it be that way. I’m sick of this “right and left” bullshit and it’s gotta end. That’s why I support Trump, ya know?

Liberals get offended at everything ’cause the media taught them to be that way. It’s getting worse too. Liberals still get on my ass even to this day but I don’t care. I’m not changing my political views and opinions to appease the liberals. Never happening, y’all. That’s why I stick to my guns. Liberals really believe the media is pretty factual which is pretty pathetic.

I don’t rely on the media for political news. I admittedly get my stuff from social media ’cause to me, “social media” is the real news. Stuff from facebook & twitter is more honest than the MSM, in my opinion. I don’t go by the media. I like to think outside the box and look at reality. I like to look at common sense. Nobody knows what that stuff is anymore. There are still dumb people who believes everything the media says.

Yeah the MSM, I’m talking about NBC, CNN, CBS, The Washington Post, NPR, etc. All liberal garbage. All pretty one-sided reporting. What’s even worse is that they wanna make disgusting lies that Hillary is doing better than Donald in the polls and if you actually believe that, you really are naive & dumb. It’s pretty easy to see how the media is dishonest. I lost faith & trust in the media a long time ago.

Stop following the news and that includes the garbage, Washington Post. I know how a lot of people read the Washington Post and it’s funny how people defend that newspaper when you call them out for following them.

So-called journalists in America has betrayed the American people. It’s disgusting.

Liberals continue to try and destroy me but it’s not happening. I’m still standing, proud and strong. I’m never gonna let liberals bring me down so here’s a big fuck you to all of them. Nobody cares about liberalism and we will prove that on Nov. 8th when we elect Donald Trump.



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