Just figured out why my PS4 internet connection has been so slow lately…

Ever since I got my new PS4, I’ve been having internet connection problems on it. I just figured out why finally. I think the PS4 was made to stand vertically, not horizontally. That’s why the connection was so slow ’cause I had the PS4 sitting horizontally. I think the PS4 likes it better standing vertically on your TV stand. So I stood the PS4 up vertically and my connection speed went way up.

Now downloads seem to be going faster. All of my streaming services like Playstation Video, Netflix and WWE Network seems to be working perfectly. For a long while I contemplated cancelling WWE Network ’cause of freezing and buffering problems but I don’t have to now. WWE Network works fine with no problems at all it seems like so I’m good. I’ll also be able to play games online with no problem.

Keep in mind that I’m pretty new to the PS4 so it’s still gonna take me a while to get used to.

I’m loving the PS4, though. Someday I’ll buy a vertical PS4 stand so I can keep it safe and not get it knocked over. Next time I go to Best Buy I’ll see if they have a vertical stand for it.

I just bought a TV show from the Playstation Store which is “Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season 1” which I will start watching this week. I’m a huge Evil Dead fan and always wanted to check that show out.



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