What’s up with Phantogram and Sarah’s new look???

Wow. Sarah is starting to look like Lady Gaga or something. The white hair is obviously a wig and looks like she got a boob job done too (aka breast implants). Her stage outfit is ridiculous as well.

I remember in the past that I tried to warn fans that she would look something like this the more famous she got and I was right. This band definitely want to make it in the industry and become pop stars that’s for sure.

As far as Sarah’s new look goes, I don’t really like it. I honestly liked the way she looked before but whatever. This is the music industry. This band is making a lot of money probably so a lot of money can make you look how you want to. I tried to warn people that Sarah would look like this the more famous she got but their Greenwich fanbase ripped me for it.

I don’t see anything special in Phantogram and can’t understand why people love them so much. I saw them live once and heard their first album so I have the right to criticize.



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