Was Jaliek Rainwalker’s remains buried at The Phantom Laboratory in Greenwich? #JusticeForJaliek

I’ve been doing a lot of google research and I’ve been seeing a lot of talk that Jaliek Rainwalker’s remains could be buried somewhere at The Phantom Laboratory in Greenwich. The Phantom Laboratory is a private company that is out toward’s Salem. According to the website, it said that it has hiking trails. The area has 41 acres of land so the area is pretty big. However, though, the Phantom Laboratory is really difficult to find so you’re never gonna find it. That’s probably why they called it “Phantom” ’cause it’s hard to find. It’s a private area so there are probably “Posted” signs all over the place that tells you to keep out. I could go there and search the area myself but I don’t want to risk a “No Trespassing” charge.


The thing is, the Greenwich police won’t say whether they searched there or not. I’m not sure if they already did search the area but they won’t say.

That area really needs to be searched, though. The reason the Phantom Lab is important is ’cause the adoptive father (Stephen) works there (I’m not sure if he still does or not) and it maybe pretty possible that he may have buried Jaliek’s body somewhere there. Even if Jaliek’s remains may not be there, still though… there’s gotta be evidence hidden there somewhere that could prove that Jaliek was murdered.

I’m just going by what people are talking about and I agree, the Phantom Lab needs to be searched thoroughly, even inside the building. You just may never know what you may find there.


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