More on Yoga… I’m definitely gonna stick with it, I think… I really need it…

So I had my second Yoga session at the Y last night and it was a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying Yoga, I really am. So I think I’m gonna stick with Yoga. LIke I said before, I’m gonna suck at it for a while at first ’cause I’m not that flexible and not good with balance. I’m a beginner at it so it’s gonna take me a while to improve. Even though I suck at Yoga, it doesn’t matter. Ya know, what Yoga does to ya is that it helps you relieve stress and makes you a happier & more energetic person. Yoga is really relaxing, it really is. Yoga will help clear your head and will help make you think. Yoga helps me feel like I’m a much much better person.

Yoga is really amazing, guys. If you’ve never tried it before, you must. It’s recommended. I’m not really good at balance at this time but after Yoga class at the Y last night, I stayed after class to have the Yoga instructor to teach me a practice technique where I can get good at balancing. She gave me a simple tip that really works. While I’m practicing my balancing on one leg skills, she gave me advice that I should stare at my foot that’s touching the floor the whole time. I was surprised of how that worked. She gave me that practice tip and I took it.

Yoga is very healthy for your body and for your mind. It’ll get you in shape pretty good. For now, I’m beginning to think to hell with weight lifting and I’ll probably stick with Yoga & Boxing ’cause both will get you in shape. Yoga & boxing will get you in better shape than lifting weights, in my opinion. I’ll never give up lifting weights but I’ll cut down some. I don’t want to do too much.

Another thing I love about Yoga classes is that it gives you an excuse to check out the hot women in the class. As I expected, I figured I would see hot women in the class ’cause you know how women love Yoga. Some of the women in that class has got smokin’ hot & well built bodies. As we were doing the poses, I can’t help myself but look over and check out the women doing the Yoga poses. I’m pretty much the only male student in that class, I think. Most of the Yoga students are women ’cause you know how popular Yoga is with women than men. Not a lot of men get into Yoga. Maybe it’s because women have more flexible bodies than men is why.

Anyway, Yoga is really awesome and feels really good. It may be tough at first but the more I keep at it, like I said before, I’ll become the Yoga master. It’s what I want, a flexible body ’cause I really need it. If you have a flexible body that will help you do a lot of things. Yoga is really good for your body for so many reasons.

Sooner or later, I’ll be doing a lot of cool Yoga poses that could impress and surprise a lot of people. I want to be able to do the Jean Claude Van Damme leg split someday. Whenever I am able to do that, it could make peoples jaw drop open. On a serious note, doing Yoga is not only to impress other people… it’s about impressing yourself. Improving your life, that’s what it’s about really.

I’m glad I got into it. Other people seems to be glad I got into it too.



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