Found this excellent youtube page that teaches you boxing…

While I’m taking boxing classes at the Y, I’m gonna teach myself boxing moves by learning from youtube instructional videos and I’ve already found a youtube channel that is great. This channel is pretty awesome and I’ve already learned a few things from this guy.

Some of you may ask, what am I getting into boxing for? Am I planning to step in a boxing ring to have my first boxing match someday? That will probably never happen. I’m never gonna box professionally. I’m just doing this for fun and it’s a new hobby of mine that I just discovered. Just want to do something different other than bodybuilding and lifting weights, ya know?

Pretty soon, I’m planning to buy my own heavy bag for home and maybe I should buy a speed bag too. Boxing is also great for your health and helps makes you feel good. I just want to learn how to fight just so I can defend myself just in case someone wants to pick a fight with me out there. Like I said before, I’m not for violence at all but if I’m hit first by someone, I’ll have no problem hitting back. I’m not trying to be a tough guy or anything. Just want something fun and something new to do is all!

I can see why the pros love to box professionally ’cause it is fun and addicting.



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