If I ever make my first album should I release it on physical CD? I probably should!

If I ever release my first official album, I thought about making it an online release only but should I release it on physical CD as well??? I really really should. If I ever released my first album on a real CD with a real cover and all that stuff, it would probably go for a limited run and that’s it. Maybe 500 copies would be good enough. I’m sure I can find some affordable CD duplication/manufacturing online that presses albums pretty cheap like maybe 500 copies for $800 or something like that would be good enough. It ain’t like my music is gonna sell big anyway ’cause I’m not a best selling recording artist yet. I’d like to release my first album for physical CD to pass out to friends, family and fans. Yes, I have actual fans who really do love my music which is pretty cool and means a lot. That’s pretty much why I’m dying to make my first album for them.

I know making a real album will cost some but I can find ways to make an album that would be cheaper and won’t be all that high pricing. I really would like to make an album at some point but first I gotta start writing some new originals which I haven’t yet. I’ve been focused on improving my guitar playing still.

I do want to make my first album with decent enough sound quality. Should I record my album at home or in an actual studio? If I were to record my first record in a studio, I’d probably do it at Don Fury studios in Troy. I hear he has affordable rates and his studio recording is all real. No digital bullshit and it’s all analog. If I make my first acoustic album, I could get a great sound out of that guy.

It’ll probably cost me a little over a thousand dollars to make an album but it’ll be worth it. I’d like to work a full time job hopefully and start saving up for all this stuff. I should make an album on CD, I really want to.

I refuse to do Kickastarter and that Pledgemusic bullshit. I would rather make the album from the money I make out of my own pocket and not from other people. I’ve always believed Kickstarter and Pledgemusic are the evils of the music industry and I vow to stay away from them.

An album by me would happen at some point. If I did an album what would be on it? I thought about making just an acoustic album but then I figure, nah. I would like to form a band and make an in-your-face rock n’ roll record with strong riffs and guitar solos.



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