5 Reasons Why I Stopped Going To National Concerts… seriously fuck ’em…

When I was young, I used to go to national concerts all the time. I used to buy a lot of tickets to see famous bands & artists at arenas and smaller theaters. I’ve seen too many national bands like everything & everyone from Stone Temple Pilots to Metallica to Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Phish to John Fogerty to Dave Matthews, etc. The list can go on. I haven’t been to a national concert in a long long time. Probably the last national concert I went to was Metallica back in 2009 during the “Death Magnetic” tour. There’s a pretty good reason why I stopped going to national concerts or don’t go to them much anymore and here are those 5 reasons:

  • Overpriced tickets: This is pretty much the main reason. It’s pretty much the no. 1 reason I don’t go. Ticket pricing way too high these days. In this day and age, it can cost $300 – $500 or way more to get the good seats. I remember in the old days concert tickets used to be around $50 – $100. I hate the music industry!
  • Technology has taken over the audience: Whatever happened to people clapping their hands or throwing their fists up in the air to bands playing? These days people stick their Iphones in the air instead. Really sad.
  • Bad live sound and concerts are getting too loud these days: Need I say more? Some national concerts can have horrible sound systems and a bad soundman too. A lot of times you can’t hear the bass very well. You can’t hear the guitar or even the singer. Bad p.a. and bad sound system at a lot of shows.
  • There’s no real talent anymore on the stage: These days singers would get caught lip-syncing or use “auto-tune” to improve their voice live when their singing is actually shit. When there’s a band that plays instruments, most concerts these days bands don’t actually play their instruments at all and a lot of so-called musicians on stage just “miming” along to a pre-recorded backing track.
  • Overcrowding at concerts and rude people: I don’t go to concerts anymore for this big reason ’cause they’re a little overcrowded I think. You can hardly see the bands on the stage anymore ’cause there’s so many people standing and in your way and stuff. Plus people at concerts can be pretty rude to you.

Well there’s a few good reasons why I don’t like going to national concerts anymore. I can explain many more reasons but those are just a few big ones.



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