I’m really loving boxing… wish I could fight in an actual boxing ring but…

… I just don’t have the body for it. I’m too old to fight professionally plus even if I did try to fight in actual boxing matches locally, they wouldn’t let me in ’cause of my scoliosis. I have all kinds of other issues with my body so I wouldn’t be able to fight in an actual boxing ring which would be fun. I could do some “sparring” though, that’s probably as far as I can go. When I do “sparring”, I wouldn’t get hurt ’cause you’re supposed to take it easy during “sparring”, you’re not supposed to hit hard during “sparring”. Even though I will never fight professionally in boxing or MMA, I just do boxing just for fun and that’s it.

Boxing is just a good workout and I want to learn how to fight better to defend myself and others. I just had my 2nd boxing lesson last night at the Y and it was fun. My boxing instructor seems to be real impressed with me too ’cause I hit hard and fast. Maybe sometime I’ll video tape myself doing some boxing. Boxing is just a great workout and makes me feel real good. Boxing is just a new hobby of mine that I just discovered. I’m really loving it.

Each time I mention to someone I’m getting into boxing, someone will say, “You’re gonna get into a boxing ring and become a fighter?”. No. Not really. I do want to become a fighter but not professionally. It’s just something fun to do.

I’m still planning to buy my own heavy bag for home so I can practice everyday on my own. Boxing will definitely help get you in shape and so will Yoga. I love doing both boxing and yoga. I plan to stay committed to both. Some say I shouldn’t do too much but that really isn’t a lot, though. I can do both just fine. If I’m gonna do boxing, I need to do Yoga ’cause you need a flexible body for boxing too. So doing both is real good. I did cut down on the weight lifting though ’cause boxing and yoga will get you in shape good enough anyways. Each time I do a boxing or a Yoga session, I feel really good after. That’s what’s amazing about doing them.

I’m not a violent guy at all ’cause I know that violence is not the answer but I will punch back if I’m hit first. That’s probably the main reason why I want to get into boxing so I can defend myself. I still want to get into martial arts and karate too. Just gonna start off with boxing for a while.



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