I don’t get why people call me the press… I’m not a journalist, just a bored blogger wanting to write!

I’m starting to get this a lot. People calling me the press. I sometimes get called a journalist or a news reporter or whatever but I’m not really that at all. All I am is just a bored blogger who loves to write and that’s it! I blog ’cause I need a place where I can publicly speak my mind however I damn well please. That’s what a blog is for, right? Maybe people are confused is ’cause I talk about the “news” a lot and I do a lot of reviews on things… maybe that’s why people call me a “journalist”. I’m not a journalist or a news reporter. Just a guy who wants to give my opinions and thoughts on things in the news. Things that’s going on in the world today and give my “truth” to it. That’s all I do really. I’m no reporter or journalist and I feel weird when people call me that. I didn’t go to college for any of that stuff.

I guess people calling me a journalist would be considered a compliment, though. I blog as a way to get something off my mind and to get things off of my system when I need to rant about things.

I got inspired to start a blog years ago ’cause I got censored so much in other blogs and forums like when I post in other message boards, I would get banned so much so I said, fuck those losers… I’m starting my own blog. My own blog is my own freedom of speech… so people can’t censor me here. That’s how I got into blogging pretty much. Since then my blog has gotten somewhat “popular”. I’m no TMZ yet but that’s okay. I just blog just for fun. I don’t do it for money. I don’t get paid for doing this at all. There are also no other contributors or guest columnists on here. There’s only one person that runs this blog and it is me. Although, I have thought about inviting other columnists and guest writers. I really did thought about that but I’m doing fine on my own. I just write as if I’m talking to you in the real world so the writing and grammar isn’t gonna be 100% perfect. My site isn’t being run by editors or handlers or any of that garbage. It’s all me. I don’t have managers or staff either.

I blog ’cause writing is something I like to do. It’s just as simple as that.



One thought on “I don’t get why people call me the press… I’m not a journalist, just a bored blogger wanting to write!”

  1. I think you are right on what you are doing here. As far as the press I would equate what you do as the “From the Editor” or “Opinion” section.

    I blog, not as frequently as you do, etc. but it’s just a place for me to type and not have to ask anybody’s permission.

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