Boxing is so much fun, glad I finally found lessons where I can learn to fight!!!

I’ve been having boxing class for the past 3 or 4 weeks at the Y I go to in my hometown of Greenwich. For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to find some kind of fighting lessons whether it’s martial arts or boxing. Finally, I found there’s weekly boxing classes at the Y. I don’t have to pay anything at the Y ’cause as long as you subscribe to the Y monthly, the classes there are free along with membership.

I want to learn how to fight better so I can defend myself just in case, ya know? If someone wants to try and kick my ass, I’ll be able to defend myself. So I took on some boxing which I’m really loving.

After doing boxing for the past couple of weeks made me realize that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was a genius in the ring. I really mean that too. Boxing may look like an easy sport but it’s not. Boxing is actually very challenging and technical. I used to hate Floyd Mayweather Jr. like everyone else but I’ll have a change of heart with him. People like to think that Floyd Jr. is a cheat and doesn’t play fair but I think he absolutely knew what he was doing. Floyd Jr. was a great fighter. It takes a lot of skill to avoid getting hit ’cause that’s what boxing is all about.

I do like boxing, I just haven’t watched it all that much over the years. I used to watch a lot of Mike Tyson fights back in the day, though. I think I’ve seen a few Floyd Jr. fights too. I should watch boxing a lot more. I’ll have to look through the sports channels on TV to see if they have boxing on them ’cause I can learn a lot more about boxing just by watching other fights.

Will I ever get myself in an actual boxing ring in a real match someday? I don’t know. That will probably never happen but who knows though, if I keep it up, who knows what may happen and I could get their attention if I keep doing good. Other than that, I just want to do boxing just for fun for the most part. I don’t think a real boxing match would happen for me ’cause of my scoliosis and “eyesight”. I don’t have good eyesight and wear glasses. Boxing requires good eyesight. It is a blast to do. My boxing teacher seems to be impressed with me ’cause the more I do good, the more new boxing moves I learn. He just taught me the uppercut and taught me how to slip a punch. You know slip a punch, you move out of the way when your opponent jabs at you.

Boxing is very challenging ’cause you have to keep an eye on your opponent at all times. Watch the arms to see if he will strike you. If you make even one mistake, you’re done so you got to make sure you know what you’re doing at all times.

Like I said before, I’m planning on buying my own heavy bag and I’m gonna buy a speedbag too so I can practice on my own at home everyday.

So some of you ask, am I planning to fight someone? No. I just want to learn to defend myself just in case as I said above. I know martial arts and boxing are used for self defense only. I know violence isn’t the answer but if I’m hit first, I’ll have no problem hitting back. I’m doing okay in boxing but still got a lot more work to do, though. Still a beginner. I take boxing very seriously. Nothing is stopping me from what I want to do in life.



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