So women are allowed to talk dirty all they want to but men can’t??? Double standard??? (Trump related)

So Trump isn’t allowed to talk dirty about women all he wants to but Madonna can say dirty stuff about men all she wants. Why the double standard? From the way I’m seeing things, it’s always been like that. Men usually get in trouble for talking dirty and saying explicit stuff about women but women can say all kinds of sexy stuff about men all they want to without get any flak. There’s definitely a double standard, absolutely.

You’re definitely not gonna see this story all over liberal media. You’re also not going to see outrage from liberals.

What makes women think it’s okay to talk like that about men? Sure a lot of men out there enjoy getting talked dirty to by women out there but not all men.

I can’t stand Madonna anyways. I used to love her music in the 80’s and early 90’s but she’s another liberal hack.

What a crazy messed up world we live in. People. *sigh*


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