Boxing and yoga are both awesome, I don’t think I’ll give both up!

I’ve been going to boxing and yoga classes at the Y for the past 4 or 5 weeks now. Both are becoming a little easier as I go along. I improve at both. My boxing instructor seems to be pretty impressed with my boxing skills already ’cause he teaches me new things as we go along. I learned a few new things in boxing last night. Pretty soon, I plan to get my own heavybag and a speedbag for home ’cause I really need ’em for practice. I feel I’m already a pretty tough boxer. I hit the heavybag pretty hard and fast so if you ever decide to fight me, watch out, lol. During the boxing class, I would practice my punch skills while the instructor wears the mitts. I practice boxing with the mitts which is fun. I make a few mistakes now and then but not that bad. I pay attention and I take boxing very seriously. The other students in the class seem to be impressed with me ’cause sometimes I’ll see a few of them watching me. A few of them would look over to see what I’m doing. I’m even impressed with myself ’cause I didn’t think I could do all that. I love boxing. I take it very seriously and don’t mess around. I’m not training for a boxing match, just wanna learn to defend myself just in case some tough guy wants to pick a fight with me, ya know? I really want to get my own heavybag soon, I really need one.

As far as yoga goes, that’s going really good too. Yoga and boxing are both good together ’cause you need the flexibility for boxing too. I’m still struggling a lot in yoga ’cause I’m not that flexible yet but I’m getting there, though. I’m starting to feel a little flexible the more I do it. Still having trouble with balancing but I’ll get good at that too. It’ll be a long while for me to get real good with yoga. Yoga takes time and patience. The other people in the class are way better than me at yoga ’cause they’ve been doing it way longer than I have. The other women in the class can do some pretty impressive poses. I’ve seen them doing head stands and leg splits and all that shit. I hope to do that stuff as well.

What I like about going to these classes at the gym is that you get to meet new people. I have been meeting new people through these classes which is awesome. Ya know, I don’t think I’m shy being around people anymore. I have no problem talking with complete strangers now which is what I need to do more often. I’ve met some cool women through these classes too. Not sure if they’re single or not but it don’t matter, these classes are good for meeting new people and possibly make new friends too which is another reason I go to these for. I need to be more outgoing and stop being such an introvert and I’m trying my best.



3 thoughts on “Boxing and yoga are both awesome, I don’t think I’ll give both up!”

  1. Locally we have some boxing classes and from there you can decide to take part in a “Fight Night” where you are paired with a person that is on or around the same skill level. It’s for friendly, tough competition so possibly you can take part in something like that if it is offered.

    1. Yeah, I could probably be in a boxing match somehow, just not one for the pros, ya know? Just small and local fights is something I could go for. I could talk to my boxing teacher to see if he could get me into something.


      1. You are right, the pro’s are best left to …. well the pros. I did one of the ToughMan competitions once and it was enjoyable. You get a mixed bag in there from bar brawlers who don’t know how to box to guys who are doing it on a dare from their buddies to people who can actually box decently for an unproven amateur. Good times.

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