13 days away from election day, ready for a historic landslide for Mr. Trump???

Media continues to make disgusting lies about Mr. Trump losing but it’s not true. It’s all a lie. If you believe Trump is losing ’cause the NY Times says so or the Washington Post says so then you’re gullible and naive. The truth is that Trump is actually winning. How can you tell? Well three new “real” polls including the Rasmussen Reports put out a poll that Trump is actually 2 points ahead of Hillary. Plus, if you look at photos of Trump’s rallies as of late, crowds are getting bigger than ever. Plus, another way you can tell the media is lying is all the Trump support you see online. How much online support do you see for Hillary? Not much. Be honest now. Sure, Hillary still has some dumb supporters but she’s not as big as Trump. That’s a fact.

13 days before election day. Get ready for a historic landslide for Mr. Trump. It’s gonna happen. Trump becoming the next president of the United States. Thank god for Mr. Trump for stepping in ’cause if he never ran for president for this election, we definitely would have gotten Hillary.

On the 10th day before election day, I’m planning to do some kind of countdown. I’ll probably do a video countdown. Do 10 videos explaining why Trump matters. They won’t be long ramblings, they will be quick videos. I’ll wear my Trump hat and shirt in each one too.

Could Mr. Trump actually win every state on election day? Hillary will probably win like 1 or 2 states but that’s about all. If any states won for Hillary then chances are it’s voter fraud ’cause some states are gonna try voter fraud. Either way, Trump is still gonna get a landslide win ’cause he’s too big and powerful for voter fraud. Even voter fraud won’t stop him.

Nov. 8th is gonna be a great day. I’ll be going to the voting polls to vote that day. I know you’re not allowed to wear campaign clothes at voting polls but there’s still no stopping me wearing all red. I’m gonna wear all red just so I can show that I’m voting all Republican and to piss off the people that work there. We don’t have to worry about Hillary becoming Prez but it’s not gonna happen.

I can’t wait to see the look on the Never Trump idiots faces when Trump does win by a landslide. I can see them getting pissed off as fuck in facebook being the keyboard warriors they are, writing all kinds of hateful and vile posts about Trump winning that day. It’s gonna be awesome. Get ready, folks!



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