It’s time to take sides for this election, I’m voting all Republican… don’t give a fuck!!!

Usually during president elections every four years I don’t take presidential ballots very seriously. Well, for this year, I’m gonna take this presidential election VERY seriously. After the Democrats hatred to Donald Trump and their desperate attempt to stop him, I’m not gonna vote for any Democrats this year. I’m voting all Republican. Gonna vote all red. Why? I need to support a party that supports Donald Trump and most republicans on the ballot in my area do support Donald Trump. So in my area in the Washington County in Upstate NY, this is what the Republican ballot is gonna look like so I’m going to be voting for these people:

US President: Donald Trump
Congress – Senate for NY: Wendy Long
US Congress – House of Rep. for NY: Elise Stefanik
New York State Senate: Betty Little
New York State Assembly: Chris Boyark
New York Supreme Court: Timothy Lawliss

Look… I don’t usually take sides during elections but this year I’m gonna and don’t give a fuck if it bothers people. Yeah, I’m strictly following the party line this time and for good reasons.

1. To help fight against Democratic Voter fraud

2. To help get Donald Trump elected

The Democratic party don’t deserve any support or respect anymore. Time to give the middle finger to the left.

On election day, I’m planning to wear all red at the voting polls too. Election day is coming up real fast. I’m getting excited and a little nervous at the same time. I’m sure most Americans feel the same. Democrats are going to try to steal this election from Trump but it’s not gonna work this time. Trump is gonna win big. Landslide coming, y’all. My prediction. I can’t wait to see the NeverTrump idiots reaction when he does win. It’s gonna be hilarious for sure.



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