Jessica Drake latest woman coming forward, just a b***h looking for more publicity off of Trump… nothing to see here…

Man, I hate CNN so much. They need to get a life, get a real job and hang themselves.

Isn’t it kind of odd that some porn star comes forward and claims Trump hugged and kissed her without permission when she just put out a website which is a guide to wicked sex? I’m sure this bitch gets hugged and kissed by many guys without permission lots of times but she is okay with it ’cause she’s a porn star. She’s getting onto Trump about it ’cause she’s looking for publicity to help promote her stupid, “Wicked Sex” website.

Check out her twitter page:

She did a good job getting her name all over the news and getting her 10 minutes of fame but it won’t last. Trust me.

Once again, really odd that some woman complains about “unwanted sexual advances” and then she promotes a website about wicked sex. Think about that.



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