Just purchased and downloaded 5 albums from Itunes today!!!

I haven’t purchased more albums for myself in a while so I decided to download some albums from Itunes today. I got 5 of them and here they are

The albums I got today were:

The Pretty Reckless – “Who You Selling For” (I’m a big fan of the Pretty Reckless. Their new album so far sounds pretty damn good so I got my own copy)
Joe Bonamassa – “Blues of Desperation” (I’m a big Joe Bonamassa fan. Been wanting to get his new album for a while so I finally got it)
The Crow – “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (I hardly ever get movie soundtracks that much but “The Crow” soundtrack is great. Used to have it on physical CD a long time ago but lost it so I got it again. Watched this movie on BluRay last week, reminded me how good the soundtrack was)
Steve Vai – “The Ultra Zone” (Just started getting into Steve Vai music more so I bought one of his older albums)
Phish – “Big Boat” (I’m a big Phish fan so I got their new album that just came out. Yeah, I love Phish. Don’t care what the haters think)

I love buying music albums a lot ’cause that’s who I am, a music lover. I love supporting music and supporting artists. I’m not ashamed of it either. It’s what I do and it’s a part of me. I’d be nothing with no music in my life.



One thought on “Just purchased and downloaded 5 albums from Itunes today!!!”

  1. Phish is good but I like listening to their concerts more than just songs. I’m sure you know but Phish do a tremendous amount of covers and they really make them their own in a jamming sort of way.

    I say that though I’ve never picked up a Phish album. When you give the one you purchased a few listens let me (us) know what you think, maybe I’ll get it as well and give it a try.

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