Trump’s explanation on how to make America Great Again in his Gettysburg speech today…

All the NeverTrump idiots are always accusing Trump of having no detailed plan to make America great again. That’s because they are brainwashed by the corrupt media or they just listen to their candidate of choice (Gary Johnson, Bernie or Hillary). Well, here’s Mr. Trump proving the haters wrong again. He does have a plan to make America great again and it’s all explained right here in his Gettysburg speech today. I just listened to it and it’s his best speech ever since his campaign started.

So to all of you out there who still hate Trump or if you’re unsure of him still, I highly recommend you listen to his speech here and maybe you’ll finally realize that Mr. Trump is the right guy after all.

My favorite part of the speech was when Trump says that he plans on suing people after the election is over so the lying NY Times and CNN better watch it ’cause Trump is probably gonna sue them after the election is over.

Anyways, this is why we all want Trump ’cause we’re tired of government corruption and tired of the lying media. We also want jobs back and we want to start feeling safe again. It’s really easy to understand why we all want Trump? That’s why you haters gotta start listening to the man himself. Listen to what he has to say instead of relying on the media and left-wing facebook groups which is where most NeverTrumpers get their shit from.

Liberals stole the country from us and it’s time to get our country back! We will get our country back in a few weeks on Nov. 8th. I can’t wait for peace of shit Obama to leave and Trump takes over. I totally agree that Hillary shouldn’t even be running at all and they’re all committing a crime by letting a criminal run.

If Hillary happens to win then there’s your proof of “massive voter fraud” right there.



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